SmartStandIt’s time to unveil the new and 100% recyclable smart stand that will fit perfectly in your living room, your bedroom or in your garage. The smart stand is made with FSC certified high-grade cardboard that is not only recyclable but also able to be recolored into any desired color with a few easy steps. Additionally, if you are in the market to get yourself a nice nightstand but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on such an item, then the smart stand is the perfect choice for you. Coming at a price that is way below 100 $ you get a stand that is foldable and compact. It is also easy for transportation and can fit in the most unusual spaces.

The dimensions of this little contraption are 23” W x 30” H x 17” D and its maximum capacity caps at 400 lbs. which if you ask is a big capacity ceiling. Once you had to place your drinks and your phone which is charging through the night on the floor or on the other side of the bed, but with the smart stand you will never again have to worry about breaking your phone cord or spilling that drink as the little stand is perfect just for things of such nature. The smart stand has a top lid made from see-through plastic that will guarantee its dry surface for occasions when the drinks accumulate water under the cups or when a spill happens. The smart stand is perfect for newlywed couples that want to fit their home with amazing furniture but don’t want to spend tons of money on it.

It’s also perfect for everyone that moves a lot as it can be carried to various locations in the back of the car without taking a lot of space, but offers a lot of utility once its setup. Give this little stand your chance and it will surprise you just how amazing it is. If you don’t share out enthusiasm after you try it out you can contact our customer support and return it.