4 Amazing Furniture Pieces You Can Make Yourself For Your Backyard

Backyard FurnitureWhen you have lots of free time it’s usually filled with some sort of entertainment where you just lose yourself for a couple of hours and then it’s time to go to bed or to go pick up the kids. However, if you are one of those people that do not like to waste time, and still gets a sort of relaxation when they work to improve their home, then the furniture we will be talking about today in our blog will be just the thing you might need for your backyard. The best part of it all is that you can make it yourself!

So, let’s get down to business. There are thousands of little pieces of furniture you can dedicate your time to make, but before you begin you might want to have all the tools that you might need for such projects. The golden rule is if you have to stop to get more tolls, you won’t ever finish the project. Here are our 4 amazing projects you can do yourself with a bit of free time.


There are two types of benches that we can talk about today which are easy to make. The one made from a few pallets and the one made with a few concrete blocks. If you have a few pallets laying around this can be a great start of a beautiful and relaxing bench or a daybed. Get a few of them and connect them on the bottom with a few screws if you want them to be connected into one big bench, if not just place them on the ground and get cushions from your local Walmart and you are set! For additional handles on the side get a few pieces of metal that you can weld in or just screw them on. The block benches can be made with just 6 concrete blocks and 3 wooden slats that are inserted in the middle.

Pallet swing bed

The pallets have many uses, but everyone would love a swing bed in their yard. If you have two trees close to one another or just a big tree with some spread apart branches you can connect the top and bottom of a pallet with some climbers rope and make a hanging swing bed. The cushion can be bought in the same place you got it for your benches.

Pallet tables

Pallet Table

Stack these babies on top of one another and you can get yourself a table with any desired height. To make them more unique you can paint them any color you want, or just use a natural wood color and burn the wood a bit before so you can get that nice old western look.

Cable spool tables

The backyard won’t be complete without a table for your coffee or newspapers. The Cable spool is usually being thrown after its used by the company so you can just buy a piece of flat glass and place it on top of the cable spool to get a nice and trendy table for your backyard.